Letter to class of '59

Wellesley Class of 1959

Dear Member of the Wellesley College Class of 1959,

From speaking with members of your class, I know many of you have been closely following the issues around free speech that have been fueling debate across the country, including on our campus.

Several of your classmates have asked me to share what I’ve communicated to the campus community about our commitment to free expression at Wellesley. I am happy to attach here a letter I sent in April, which affirms the values that we as a community—and I as president—take very seriously.

We continue to encourage a full range of voices and ideas on campus and to make sure every student has the opportunity to be heard.

Many thanks for your continued interest in—and support of—our students. There is no question in my mind that engaged alumnae such as you are among Wellesley’s greatest strengths.


Paula Johnson


Every woman can—and should—make a meaningful contribution to her world. There is a growing recognition that women's empowerment and leadership are crucial to their own advancement, and to worldwide societal change. Wellesley and its alumnae have supported and championed women's intellectual and social development and autonomy for over 100 years.
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