New Online Discussion Groups Available

There is a new link on Wellesley '59 class page to facilitate discussion and interaction.

There will be a link on our class page for classmates to start a discussion.

For example,

  • Need ride from here to there
  • Group getting together in on mo/day/year
  • Sharing stories of triumphs or tragedies
  • Recount Wellesley memories for posterity

Discussions started on the class page will then appear on the Community page, which will make them more accessible.

Directions to access the link:

(1) You can go directly to the class page: and log in.


(2) Go to WCAA:  Log in.

The Community page will come up (Events/Discussion Groups).

Click on the blue Class link in the menu bar at the bottom of photo.

Choose 1959 to go to the class page.

This will be a moderated discussion group; i.e., one of our class members will be the moderator.  Posts will go to her before being posted on our web page.

Basic rules to remember:

Partisan or specific political posts can endanger Wellesley's and our class’s non-profit status.  Non-partisan events would be OK.

Be kind and respectful to others.

The moderator reserves the right to not post discussions that are inflammatory or disrespectful in any way.

The best discussion groups are the most active ones.

This is a tool for us to stay in contact and share with each other. Let’s make the most of it!